Karuna Care Foundation


Karuna Care Foundation, 'Karuna', supprted by the Karunmai Ma Charitable Trust, is an organization with extesive experience in building and implementing social welfare, healthcare and education related projects.

Karuna's core partner network consists of iCARE Eye Hospital and Rular Medicate Society.

Eye Camps were started in 1992 under the aegis of Shree Karunamai Maa Peeth in Sohna. Since the Centre has been estiblished in 2011, the services offered have grown to include medicine, gynecology, dental, pediatrics, diabetes and cardiovascularailment awareness, providing various diagnostic facilities, plus alternative medicines such as homeopathy and acupuncture.

Outstation Medical Camps for eye (OPD & surgeries) are held on periodic basis at Bawali Village, Utter Pardesh and Bahadurgarh, Haryana. Apart from this, pediatric consultation facility is being offered at Karol Bagh, New Delhi.

Healthcare Centre of Karuna, caters to over 200 villages and semi-urban colonies with over 1,00,000 households. A significant proportion of our patient base comprises of people living in these areas owing to easy accessibility.

More importantly. we concentrate equally on both Preventive & Curative aspects of healthcare. While actively engaging our target communities & ensuring complete transparency for partients and sponsors.

Karuna endeavors to act as a keystone in synergizing efforts to offer comprehensive, affordable healthcare services.

Karuna focuses on the basic 4 A's -

  • Accessibility of healthcare facilities.
  • Awareness of basic 'good-health' practices.
  • Availability of healthcare professionals.
  • Affordability of quality healthcare services.

Our main aim is to provide comprehensive healthcare services through our various following activities -

  • Basic diagnosis and treatment at Karuna Healthcare Centre.
  • Affordable and quality referral treatment at partner hospitals.
  • Household and community level healthcare counseling.
  • Promoting preventive health check-ups.
  • Paramedic training, internship and certification programs.
  • Infrastructure development programs for partner hospitals.
  • Subsiding cost of advanced treatment for needy patients.
  • Online donation systems to garner funds for surgeries (yet to be commenced).

The centre crossed the 50 member mark within its first year of operation. The list includes Advisory Board Members, Conslting Doctors, Healthcare Centre Workers', Preventative Health Counselors, Volunteers etc.

For the year 2014-15, more than 10,000 patients had been provided with medical care including consultation, diagnostic procedures, eye surgeries etc.

The Centre also offers the facility of Certified Nursing and Paramedic Training through partnerships with other non-profit organizations and accredited Indian Universities providing need based scholarship to deserving candidates. Programs incorperate experiential leearning at Rural Medicare Centre and Karuna Healthcare Centre. Also cerificate coursessuch as Course - a hands-on program is being conducted on a regular basis.

The Centre recruits and trains women from villages as preventive health counselors to disseminate knowledge on basis healthcare practices to the village community. In addition specialized community health awareness seession conducted by our visiting consultants based on customized modules,targeting village level community groups are conducted.

Primary objective of Karuna Care Foundation, is to create access to affordable, quality healthcare for people living in semi-urban & curative aspects.

Karuna Healthcare Centre "Centre", Sohna offers affordable quality outpatient consultations for General Eye, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Cardiovascular and Dental facilities as well as Alternate Medicines by many visiting physicians and specialists.

The centre houses outpatient consultation rooms, basic diagmostic facilities, and simple necessary offers free medicines to underprivileged patients which is the forte of the centre.

Karuna Care Foundation has continuously supported its partner hospitals, through sponsoring the surgical equipment for providing quality and affordable health services.

Proposed Healthcare Facilities:

  • Skin
  • ENT
  • Operation theatre for eye and minor procedures
  • Laboratory Facilities

Karuna Care Foundation also seeks to focus on women empowerment and education and development of children (special emphasis on children with special need).

You can donate either one time or make monthly contribution for the following categories:-

  1. Patient consultation, diagnostic procedures & medicine offered in aligned specialties.
  2. Affordable surgical treatment/advanced care at partner hospital.
  3. Recruitment of Healthcare Counselors to reach to the communities.
  4. Need-based scholarship for specialized paramedic courses.
  5. Any other.

All donations made to Karuna Care Foundation are eligible for tax exemption under sections 80G of the Income Tax Act.