All karma hasits inception in a thought. Each thought owes its genesis to an emotion, which we refer to as ‘Bhav’ in Sanskrit. This ‘bhav’ is the basal emotion upon which we foster faith, thereby facilitating devotion.And through devotion, a soul having acquired a physical body in this worldcan manifest dreams and visions from the realm of perception and theory, into tangible actuality. Devotion when infused with rectitude and sanctity of deeds, beliefs, feelings, reasoning, &coupled with self-introspection that is meant to signify and usher in an age ofspiritual awakening, shall become the reason for a paradigm shift in terms of revolutionizingobsolete notions, primitive ideologies, outmoded thinking, whereby transforming archaic social dogmas prevalent in a country to enable evolution of not just the outward but also the inner being, the Atman.

Atman is truth in the absolute form, unadulterated,pure and plenary.

A soul giving up its identification with physical matter, loosing all egocentric karma, which are merely aimed at materialistic propensities of accumulation, accretion, and selfish amassment is said to be truly devoted in faith. Karmic effectuation initiated by these self-realized super-souls, gets categorized as ‘Nishkam’ or selfless karma, as it is performed for the greater good of mankind.

Once every epoch, comes along a rare phenomenon, whose innate essence is indistinguishable from the cosmos. With spiritual radiance that illuminates lives of every person they touch, a Sat-Guru takes on multiple roles of a teacher, mentor, guide, guardian, friend, psychologist, counsellor, and even a healer to sort out our exigent earthly issues, through which allowing usfocus to at awakeningthedormant thirst for the sacred inner questand consequently connecting us with the ‘Paramatma’ within. Their outer-self is a medium for providing impetus to the flow of Universal consciousness in a streamlined manner, so as to nurture and nourish the seekers of truth on the path towards eternal enlightenment. Sacrifice of self, renouncement of narcissistic desires, and compassion towards allare attributes that form the anchor for thismystical sojourn, which is intrinsically both holy and pious.

Being the fountainhead of Universal intelligence,with ‘Guru-Kripa’ emanating perpetually as ‘Chaitanya’from the lotus feet of these angelic souls, a realized Sat-Guru entrenched with seraphic powers, assists the seeker by precipitating drastic transformations at all levels of their existence, spiritual, emotional, physical and worldly. This metamorphosis experienced by the disciple is a blessing that is ethereal and beyond words. Such life-changing experiences are also referred to as‘Anubooti’.

And every Anubooti is a benediction that eventually becomes the dawning of spiritual redemption for the Atman.


The time-honoured Hindu Saintly tradition of a Sat-Guru choosing one disciple as his successor to pass on all the collective knowledge of wisdom, erudition, and learning,which have been attained after enduring years of austerities, relinquishment of personal aspirations, and surrendering of the ‘I’, so as to stimulate edification of the aspirant of truth, has its quintessential replication in the venerable Guru-Shishya heritage of the devoutthat are born into thebloodline of the reveredKashmiri lineage, with roots stemming back to the 11th Rudra Incarnation of Lord Shiva.

The pristineland of Kashmir has been conferredwith venerated saints of repute whose unfalteringfaith in worshipping the divine Shiva-Shakti form is an embodiment of purity, holiness, righteousness and indeed resoluteness ofpersistence.


Once in a lifetime, comes along an embodied Supreme soul, one who is coequal to Paramatma in all aspects, yet idolized at a higher pedestal by their fervent disciples, to enkindle our quest for the imperishable knowledge, subsequently emancipating the sadhak from the viscous cycle of birth and death through realization of Moksha (Nirvana).

Our beloved Ammaji’s spiritual odyssey began with the advent of His Holiness Param Pujya Shri Guruji in her life. His emergence germinated the concealed seeds of liberation,within the lucent soulof Amma ji. Belonging to the fabled ancestral descent of a religious Kashmiri family, Guruji was born and raised in a small bustling town of Bijbehara in Anantnag district of Jammu & KashmirState.Right from an early age, Guruji’s upbringing was inundated with customary Kashmiri ethos, values, and morality; with accentuation stressed upon the worship of Shiv-Shakti form.

Even though, Guruji’s induction into spiritualism was instated by his deific mother, scholarly teachings in Vedic scriptures, adherence to the tenets of Tantraentailing chanting of mantras, meditation, yoga, rituals, and astrology was inculcated within him by mystical ascetics residing in far away jungles, desolated caves and deep insidethe Himalayan ranges. His innate proclivities towards God-realization ensured that he proficiently grasped all religious doctrines and teachingsin a short span of time. The fruition of higher studies in Sanskrit and scriptures was concluded in the ancient city of Varanasi, where Guruji spent his early years. Asthe ingrained traits of prescient sagacity and extraordinary foresight came to the fore, his prominence perfused to all corners of the Kashmir valleymaking him a well renowned authority in Shaivism.

These hallmark characteristics of wise prudence enabled Guruji in garnering the best out of his peerless disciple Amma ji, ensuing its causation to a pinnacle for generations to echo,incorporate and follow.


Every emotion that one gives out to the Universe gets returned manifold, and so the immeasurable depth of Ammaji’s compassion and solicitude got reciprocatedbygraceful benediction from Devi Maa herself. Utilizing integral qualities of keen discernment and studious diligence, Amma ji became adept at multifarious talents akin to extra curricular activities of sports, singing, classical dance, having also efficiently pursued her formal education. She managed to acquire these skills with exemplary merit and sublime dexterity.

Meanwhile, the time stream flowed unabated and Amma ji got engrossed in the loving devotion of Devi Maa, even as her spirituality blossomed to an unequalled deiform rank.Kindness, tender warmth, and humane empathy that incessantly flow through the veins of a Sat-Guru are sufficed to turn even a hardened atheist into an avid believer. The realized often say that a Sat-Guru is the mother of our soul. And these elemental features are the apex of Ammaji’s benevolence, which reify the eminence of her being the mother of all creation, in its entirety.

Often numerous Sat-Gurus contribute their esseto mould and forge a disciple’s spiritual crescent. For Amma ji, this cumulative culmination was heralded by Shri Anandmayee Maa. Submersed in the perennially spouting celestial nectar of knowledge, Amma ji became the paragon of Bhakti percolating eternaltranscendence amongst all; making divinity an inevitable certainty. Captivated by the devotionservice towards Lord Krishna, Amma jisang kirtans and bhajans in her melodic voice to enthrallingly enchant listeners into a blissful trance.Her mellowed soulful songs enraptured the audience, transporting them to a dimension where afflictions, agony and anguish of their physical being,seemingly evanesced. The zenith of apogee in this pilgrimage lived by Amma ji, was shepherded in by Shri Surya Kanth ji Maharaj of Kashmir, whose astute forethought noted the deep-rooted goodness in his prodigious disciple.

The appearance and rise of Amma ji betokened an aeon of self-realization & transcendental knowledge on the horizon of humanity, one that shall remain engraved and etched in the writings of history to be emulated by generations of future.


Historically speaking,whenever the topic of a Shishya dedicating an entire existence towards the self-denying service of their Sat-Gurucomes to mind, one mostly alludes to the inimitably impeccable reference of Hanuman, the stalwart servant of Lord Ram. In contemporary times, inferencesaredrawn from the life of Swami Vivekananda whose surrender to his Guru is an archetypical model for the spiritually predisposed.

Even with the Age of Kali gathering momentum, the decade leading up to the new millennium witnesseda staunch young man of tireless tenacity, conscientious resolve and unflagging patience walk besides his Sat-Guru with steadfast intent and single-minded conviction,in every step of the way. In a world where self-conceited vanity is the norm, this intellectual yet altruistic youth of privileged parentage, abdicates the pleasures and gratifications that were his rightful prerogative, takingon an unuttered vow of celibacy to become the benchmark personification of Guru-Sewa and nobility. This imbues immortality to his legacy of relinquishing self-identity, having lived a life immersed in self-abnegating karma, whichinstitutes himas an ascetic of Godliness.

The remarkably tangible constituents of virtuous humility, unbiased honesty, sinless innocence, & magnanimitywere evidently noticed by Amma ji, to deservedly bestowcoronation of the ashrams’ responsibilities upon Nand Baba in the year 1997, in a monumental ceremony of investiture commonly known as ‘Pattabhishek’ in religious terminology. During this ceremonial observance Amma ji lovingly anointed the name ‘Nand Baba’ to her most cherished disciple, marking the ascent of an effulgent era on the sands of time.

With rigorous meticulousness for religious rituals, methodical coherence in thought, percipient analysis, logical rationale in reasoning, judicious approach and incisive philosophy, Nand Baba expeditiously comprehended Ashram’s duties including chanting and recitals of Vedic mantras, preaching spiritual sermons, performing religious rituals, social work, and health care concerns. The connate sensitivity towards widespread distress& despairrampantamidst humanityreinforced his consideration, deliberation and invigorated the resolve to attentivelyevaluateissues perturbing the devotees, so as to navigate them through their grief and tribulations.

To an ardent devotee, the Karuna Mayee Ashram is a replica of Vaikunth, the sempiternal abode of Lord Vishnu. Here the ambience is serenely immersed in the depths of tranquillity;ecstatic by the piety of emotions, reverberating with elated fervour of mirthful devotees singing kirtans to proffer obeisance to almighty,replenished by an idyllic aura, which eventuatesto drenchevery granule& speck of matter in the vibrations flowing from Guru-energies that perpetually bless this holy land.

To this day, earnestly fervid devotees flock the ashram soliciting quietude of mind and soul, obtaining forthwith peace that becomes the beginning of harmonious synergy with the Universe and indeed Paramatma.