It was a great objective that Ammaji had taken up. Her call to her devotees for their voluntary offering of labor was widely rejoiced! Numerous devotees turned up to build the Ashram at Ammaji's calling. Among them a young, dynamic, and educated Sri Lalit Pal Sharma, who was later adorned with the name of Nand Baba by Ammaji, decided to serve Ammaji with utmost sincerity, dedication and devotion. To the outsiders, it appeared as if Hanuman Bhakt himself was meeting Shri Ram for the first time. Shri Lalitji surrendered himself to serve Ammaji, and this holy union of the master and the student, i.e. the "Prayag" of Guru Shishya, took on the well-traversed path of Bhakti and Seva in a totally new way. Together, they rewrote the principles of possibility and core principles of Bhakti and Devotion became the building blocks and foundation of the Ashram. Ammaji with her Param Bhakt and some of the devotees negotiated this journey of turning the barren piece of land at foothills of Aravali, infested with snakes, aptly called Saanp ki Nangli, into heavenly abode of Sri Ragya Devi!

As the journey began more and devotees joined in with diverse offerings in cash, kind and services. The Ashram building was erected with its awe inspiring roof and and architecture, natural surroundings, shrubs, trees, flowers and creepers all around. But despite all this grandeur, simplicity was and is the hallmark of the Ashram.